“Professor Emeritus Doctor Rodolfo R. Brenner”

07-17-1922 │07-03-2018

The personnel of the Institute of Biochemical Research of La Plata “Prof. Dr. Rodolfo R. Brenner” (INIBIOLP) and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the School of Medical Sciences, UNLP deeply regret to announce the passing away of our scientific adviser and teacher Dr. Rodolfo R. Brenner which took place on 3rdJuly 2018. He will remain for ever in the memory of those who had the privilege of meeting and receiving his teaching.

Prof. Dr. Rodolfo R. Brenner: Overview of his academic and scientific career

He was born on 17th July 1922 in Banfield, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an outstanding student, he graduated at the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires in 1940 winning three gold medals due to his academic achievement. In 1946 he graduated as Doctor in Chemistry at the School of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (FCEFyN), of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), obtaining another gold medal as best graduate. He had his first contact with lipids by means of his doctoral thesis ‘Chemical composition of Argentinian olive oils’, directed by the Prof. Dr. Pedro Cattaneo.

During 1946 and 1954 he worked for the Department of Bromatology and Industrial Analysis of FCEFyN, first as a Graduate Assistant and then as an authorized Professor. At the same time, he was in charge of the Section of Industrial Toxicology at the Institute of Medical-Technological Investigations and at the Institute of Public Health. In this first period he studied the composition of lipids of several freshwater fish, a subject in which he directed five doctoral theses and published a dozen of original papers, mainly in the Annals of the Argentine Chemical Association and in Industry & Chemist.

In 1954 he obtained a postdoctoral fellowship of the British Council to work on ‘Chemistry and Biochemistry of Lipids’ with the Professor John A. Lovern at the Torry Research Institute of Aberdeen in Scotland. Upon his return, he obtained by competitive examination the post of Head Professor of the Department of Biochemistry of the School of Medical Sciences until the year 1988. Almost from scratch, he created a research group in this Department which in the mid 1960s reaches wide international renown, in special because of his works on biosynthesis of poli-unsaturated fatty acids. Since in 1961 it was created the career of scientific investigator of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Dr. Brenner was accepted as Independent Investigator, and after subsequent promotions he became Superior Investigator in the year 1973. 
Being a prolific investigator, he directed 45 doctoral theses. He was the author of over 300 scientific works published in national and international journals, as well as many other communications presented at different conferences and scientific meetings. He lectured over 150 conferences in different countries of America, Europe and Asia.

In recognition of his work and career, he received more than 30 awards, among which we can highlight: Award of Fundación Campomar in 1972; Herrero Ducloux Award of the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences in 1974, Konex Prize granted to the best 5 biochemists of Argentina in 1983; Gold Medal “G. Burns and Von Euler” granted in London in 1985; Awards “Alfredo Sordelli” in 1985 and “JJ Kyle” in 1990 of the Argentine Chemical Association; Supelco AOCS Research Award of the American Oil Chemists’ Society in Baltimore in 1990; TWAS 2001 Award in Basic Medical Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Third World in New Delhi, India, 2002; 2009 Houssay Career Award in the area of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Buenos Aires, 2010; and the Distinction Investigator of Argentine Nation, also in 2010. He was honorary member of the Society of Biology of Tucumán from 1987, of the Argentine Society of Biochemical Investigations (SAIB) from 1990, and of the Argentine Society of Biophysics (SAB) also in 1990.

He was Senior Investigator Emeritus of CONICET and Head Professor Emeritus of UNLP. He held the position of Established Academic of the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, of the National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires, and of the National Academy of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, as well as a Academic of the Medicine Academy of Córdoba, Argentina.

It is worth mentioning his productive role in the management and promotion not only of the science but also of the university teaching. In 1965, together with Drs. Luis F. Leloir, Andrés Stoppani and Federico Cumar creates the Argentine Society of Biochemical Research (SAIB), being its President in the period 1971-72. He was Counselling Director of CONICET, Adviser and Substitute Dean of the School of Medical Sciences, UNLP, and member of several scientific and academic committees of CONICET, UNLP, UBA and the Committee of Scientific Research (CIC) of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the South American representative at the Steering Committee of the International Conferences on the Bioscience of Lipids (ICBL). Among his achievements and works, one of the most important ones is the creation in the year 1982 and the subsequent consolidation of the Institute of Biochemical Research of La Plata (INIBIOLP), executing unit under CONICET and UNLP, of which he was the Director until the year 2003. Since 2015, this institution is called “Prof. Dr. Rodolfo R. Brenner” in recognition of his career.


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