Objectives and development

The main goals of the Institute:

 a) Conduct research in the field of biochemistry and related topics including especially studies in the area of lipids.

 b) To contribute to training and development of researchers, technicians and graduate education in the field referred to in paragraph a.

 c) Promote the development of education in each speciality.

The objectives of the Institute are: promoting teaching research and development of scientific research in the area of lipids contribute to the training of scientific and technical level expertise and provide advice to government and private institutions on problems within their competence.

Research in the field of lipids is made from the point of view that encompasses biochemical, physicochemical, physiological and nutritional approaches not only trying to solve the fundamental problems but also working in the fields of health, biology and techniques.

INIBIOLP - Instituto de Investigaciones Bioquímicas de La Plata "Profesor Doctor Rodolfo R. Brenner"
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