Biochemistry of insects and fungal pathogens.
Application topest control

Principal Investigators:
Pedrini, Nicolás - Calderón Fernández, G. M. - Girotti, Juan Roberto

Studies on the biochemistry and molecular biology of insects and pathogenic fungi are carried out at the Laboratory of Insect Biochemistry.
They are of interest to sanitary conditions and agriculture. Our goal is to get further knowledge in the biochemical processes of these organisms for developing new methodologies in the control of plagues.

The sub-lines of work are as follows

Interactions between entomopathogenic fungi and their hosts

"Laboratory Director"


Dr. Pedrini, Nicolás

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Biochemistry of lipids and cuticle proteins in insects of medical and agronomic relevance

"Laboratory Director"

Calderon Fernandez

Dr. Calderón Fernández, G. M.

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Lipids and volatile compounds involved in the communication and interaction of insects and pathogenic fungi

"Laboratory Director"


Dr. Girotti, Juan Roberto

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