Effects of copper-cholesterol association
on lipid metabolism and oxidative stress formation.
Implications in the development of neurodegeneration

Team of work

Arnal, Nathalie
Principal Investigator
Astiz, Mariana
Zubillaga, Marlene
Lofeudo, Juan Manuel
Thesis Students

Collaborators from other institutions


Cristalli, Diana
Cátedra de Neurología, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata y Hospital San Roque (Gonnet) La Plata, Argentina.

Dr Chokler, Claudio

Line overview

In the present line it is investigated the effects of copper-cholesterol association on key enzymes of the lipid metabolism and the antioxidant defense system. At the same time, we try to elucidate the mechanisms leading to the activation of the pathways of programed cellular death and its correlation with the development of neurodegeneration, specifically Alzheimer type.

In these studies mixed experimental systems are used; some experiments are carried out with Wistar rats, whereas others are performed in lines of either established cultures or primary cultures. Animals are fed with semi-synthetic diets prepared in our laboratory with or without the addition of cholesterol and, in some cases, supplemented in the drinking water with copper.

In the present line peripheral blood of patients with Alzheimer and their direct relatives is analyzed in order to establish biomarkers of oxidative stress and neurodegeneration process.

The objective of this line is to obtain biomarkers that may function as indicators of early damage (sub-clinical), established damage, prognosis or evolution, or the evaluation of the therapeutic strategies in order to be applied to the clinical practice.




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