Mechanisms of interaction between monoterpenes, essential oils 
and statins on lipid metabolism and cellular proliferation

Team of work

García de Bravo, Margarita María
Principal Investigator
Crespo, Rosana
Polo, Mónica Patricia
Rodenak Kladniew, Boris Emilio
Research Fellow
Castro, María Agustina
Research Fellow
Peterson, Graciela
Support staff
Farquette, Mónica Cristina
Support staff

Collaborators from other institutions


Cicció, Alberti JF. 
Center for Natural Products Research (CIPRONA). University of Costa Rica. San José. Costa Rica

Line overview

Study of mechanism of action of isoprenoids and their interaction with statins on lipid metabolism and cell proliferation. Evaluation of hypolipemiant, antiaterogenic, and antitumoral properties of essential oils of citrus and aromatic plants.




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